Frequently Requested Data Sets

The following are commonly requested GIS and GIS-related data sets that may be used for mapping and geographic analysis. These data sets are also available for external, non-city uses through a licensing program administered by the GIS Products and Services Unit. Please email if you have questions.

Data sets are not listed here if they are specific to the internal business of City of Seattle departments, are sensitive in nature, or are not accessible to Seattle Public Utilities or GIS.

Data sets are organized under these categories:

Property and survey Infrastructure
Streets and transportation Public facilities
Public safety Planning and land use
Census (2010) Political
Addresses Terrain and environmental

Property and survey data layers

Streets and transportation data layers

Public safety data layers

Census data layers (2010)

Address data layers

Infrastructure data layers

Public facilities data layers

Planning and land use data layers

Political data layers

Terrain and environmental data layers