COEF Current Recipients

2024-2025 RFP Guidelines

The goal of the Labor Standards Community Outreach and Education Fund is to foster collaboration between OLS and the community by providing funds to community-based organizations to develop awareness and understanding of worker rights provided by Seattle's labor standards.  While all workers are at risk for workplace violation, data shows that low-wage workers experience the highest rates of workplace violations. Demographic populations most likely to occupy low-wage jobs and experience workplace violations include female workers, workers of color, immigrant and refugee workers, LGBTQ workers, workers with disabilities, veterans and youth workers.

  The COEF is designed to build a culture of compliance by:

  • Increasing worker's knowledge and understanding of the rights provided by Seattle's labor standards through methods that are community centered, culturally relevant and accessible, and language specific
  • Expanding workers' access to resources to enforce labor standards and ensure their rights are protected
  • Building capacity among community organizations to provide labor standards services and information to a diverse range of workers

In November 2023, the Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) selected ten community-based organizations, to receive $2,959,503.00 in funding over two years to provide outreach, education, and support to low-wage workers.”

2024-2025 Recipients

(subject to confirmation of recipients)

24-month contract period from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025 *2025 Funding Contingent on Funding Approval.

This funding cycle, we’re excited to introduce service strategies which allow organizations to focus on specific types of workers and the ordinances that affect them.

Awardees, who will begin scope of work and contract negotiations with OLS in December and January:

Broad Based Labor Standards 

Organization 2024-2025 Award Communities of Focus Partner Information

Asian Pacific

American Labor


  • Asian American workers (from East, South East, and South Asia)
  • Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian workers

Chinese Information and Service Center

  • Chinese Workers
  • Vietnamese Workers
  • South Asian workers
  • Immigrant Youth

El Centro De La Raza

  • Low wage workers
  • Latino workers
  • Asian and Pacific Islander workers
  • Limited English speakers

Eritrean Association in Greater Seattle

  • East African Workers
  • Limited English speakers

Partner In Employment

  • Newly arrived immigrants and refugees
  • Limited English speakers
  • East African Workers
  • Middle Eastern Workers
  • Youth

United Indians of All Tribes

  • Alaska Native
  • First Nations
  • Native Americans
  • Native Hawaiians

Villa Comunitaria

  • Immigrants from Mexico, Central, and South America
  • Limited English speakers

Arts & Entertainment Workers

Organization 2024-2025 Award Communities of Focus Partner Information
BUILD 206 $120,000
  • American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) workers

App-Based Workers

Organization 2024-2025 Award Communities of Focus Partner Information

Bulle Consulting

  • Immigrant and refugee workers

Fair Work Center Collaborative

  • New immigrants,
  • Somali and East African immigrants
  • Black workers generally
  • Muslim workers
  • LGBTQ+ workers
  • Disabled workers
  • Undocumented workers
  • Latino workers
  • All Noor Islamic Center
  • Somali Community Services

Domestic Workers

Organization 2024-2025 Award Communities of Focus Partner Information
Fair Work Center


  • Spanish-speaking
  • Latino communities


Retail and Restaurant Workers

Organization 2024-2025 Award Communities of Focus Partner Information
Fair Work Center $350,000
  • Undocumented workers
  • Immigrants
  • Latino workers




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