Hotel Employee Protections

Rules: SHRR Chapter 190

2021 Notice of Rights for Hotel Employees

2021 Notice of Rights for Employees of Ancillary Hotel Businesses

Important Notice

The Office of Labor Standards announces final administrative rules (Seattle Human Rights Rules Chapter 190) that help clarify the rights and responsibilities of these laws.  To view the full Chapter, please click on the button entitled "Rules: SHRR Chapter 190" to download the full Chapter.

In September, 2019, City Council passed four new hotel employee protection laws:

  • Hotel Employee Safety Protections, Seattle Municipal Code 14.26;
  • Protecting Hotel Employees from Injury, Seattle Municipal Code 14.27;
  • Improving Hotel Employee's Access to Medical Care, Seattle Municipal Code 14.28; and
  • Hotel Employee Job Retention, Seattle Municipal Code 14.29.  

On July 1, 2020 these laws go into effect for most covered employers. These laws vary slightly in employee and employer coverage. To explore the differences, learn more about the laws, and discover resources, please visit the webpage for each law and click here to visit the Templates webpage for the Notice of Rights for Hotel Employees. 

The Notice of Rights for Hotel Employees and the Notice of Rights for Employees of Ancillary Hotel Businesses are available in Amharic, Arabic, French, karen, Korean, Nepali, Oromo, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tigrigna, Tagalog and Vietnamese on the OLS Languages webpage here.

In conjunction with passing these four laws, the City also repealed Seattle Municipal Code 14.25, the Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative (also known as Initiative 124).  This law is no longer in effect.  For a record of this action, please visit this link.