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Recorded Webinars

Covid-19 Gig Worker Protections
This webinar reviews requirements for the Gig Worker Paid Sick and Safe Time and Premium Pay Ordinances.
Gig Worker Webinar: Paid Sick and Safe Time and Premium Pay August 2020

Domestic Workers Ordinance
This webinar provides a general overview of the Domestic Workers Ordinance and requirements under the law.
Webinar: Domestic Workers Ordinance February 2021

Domestic Workers Ordinance - Domestic Workers
This webinar provides Domestic Workers with their rights under the Domestic Workers Ordinance and the Fair Employment Practices Ordinance.
Webinar: Domestic Workers - Here's What You Need To Know About Seattle's Domestic Workers Ordinance and Fair Employment Practices Ordinance 2021

Domestic Workers Ordinance - Hiring Entities
This webinar provides Hiring Entities with their responsibilities under the Domestic Workers Ordinance.
Webinar: Domestic Workers Hiring Entities March 2021

Fair Chance Employment Ordinance
This webinar reviews Fair Chance Employment requirements and highlights best practices and key challenges.
Webinar: Fair Chance Employment March 2019

Grocery Employee Hazard Pay Ordinance
This webinar reviews requirements for the Grocery Employee Hazard Pay Ordinance.
Webinar: Grocery Employee Hazard Pay March 2021

Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance
This webinar reviews Paid Sick and Safe Time (PSST) requirements and highlights differences between Seattle's PSST ordinance and Washington State's paid sick leave law as well as amendments made to this law in March 2020 to expand uses of PSST.
Webinar: Paid Sick and Safe Time August 2020

Secure Scheduling Ordinance
This webinar reviews Secure Scheduling requirements and highlights best practices and key challenges for compliance. 
Webinar: Secure Scheduling July 2017

Transportation Network Company (TNC) Minimum Compensation Ordinance Webinar
This webinar provides drivers with the key requirements of the law and what drivers are guaranteed under the Minimum Compensation Ordinance.
Webinar: TNC Minimum Compensation Ordinance March 2021

Recorded Podcasts

Grit NW Carpeters Union Podcast
On this episode of the Carpenters Union's podcast Grit NW, host Joe Caldwell discusses wage theft, tax fraud, and other employment issues with representatives from the Seattle Office of Labor Standards and the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, including what to do if you experience these issues.
Podcast: Grit NW Carpenters Union Podcast Featuring OLS Investigator