Whether you are a retired City of Seattle employee, an active employee saving and planning for retirement, or an interested resident of the City, we have the information you need about the Seattle City Employees' Retirement System (SCERS).

Notice - Delayed Service Time

We apologize for the delays that our valued members are experiencing in getting their service requests fulfilled.  We are actively working to address the back-log of service requests in the queue.   

While it doesn't excuse the delayed service that you are experiencing, we want to provide a little more insight into why this is happening.  In early 2019, SCERS implemented a new pension administration system.  While this system offers many improvements that members will ultimately feel (such as increased automation, consistency, more up-to-date data, etc.) these effects cannot yet be felt.  Once a system "goes-live," the majority of systems experience a number of issues, such as back-log from the system being down during implementation, stabilization of the system and addressing system bugs, and staff learning how to operate efficiently in a new system with new processes, all of which add time to processing the normal workload (like service requests).  

Our goal is to be able to process all members' service requests in 2-4 weeks, which was SCERS's processing time for most types of services at the end of 2018.  Currently, we are experiencing processing times of 8 weeks or longer.  We agree that this is too long and are taking immediate action to help reduce the processing turn-around time.  

We appreciate your patience and we understand if you need to escalate attention on your service request and/or if you want to leave us feedback on your experience.  Please feel free to escalate by calling SCERS main line (206) 386-1293 and letting them know you would like to speak with Management.