What's New

  • Celebrate Home Movie Day with MIPoPS at Northwest Film Forum on Sunday, October 21, at 2:30. Bring your own films and videos, ask an archivist about preservation, and watch home movies on the big screen. More event info is on the MIPoPS Facebook page.
  • Our lobby case has a new exhibit about Seattle's involvement in World War I.
  • The Fall 2018 edition of our Archives Gazette is now available, with news about SMA programs and projects, highlights from the collection, and more.
  • Our latest Find of the Month highlights female police officers' fight for promotion within the Police Department in the 1970s.

Archives Month event

How do I find a photograph of my house?

There are several resources you can use to locate a photograph of your house. The best place to start is the Puget Sound Regional Branch of the State Archives (phone: 425-564-3940).