Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive Democracy Vouchers for 2018?
No. Democracy Vouchers are issued in odd-numbered years when Seattle City candidates appear on the ballot.

When is the next City of Seattle election?
The next election is in 2019. The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission will issue Seattle residents new Democracy Vouchers.

Can I still apply to receive Democracy Vouchers?
Yes. You may apply to receive Democracy Vouchers for the 2019 city elections.

If you are a registered voter, you do not need to apply and will automatically receive your vouchers.

Where can I get information about running as a candidate?
Visit the candidates' page for information about how to qualify as a candidate in the Democracy Voucher Program. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Polly Grow, the Campaign Finance Auditor and Trainer before starting a campaign.

When was the last day to use my Democracy Vouchers?
November 30, 2017 was the last day to use your Democracy Vouchers. If you did not use your Democracy Vouchers for the 2017 election, please recycle them.