The Democracy Voucher Program's services are currently available on a limited basis. If you need assistance, please e-mail or leave a voicemail at (206) 727-8855 and we'll return your call.

2021 Democracy Voucher Outreach Fund Organizations Announced

The Democracy Voucher Program established this contracting opportunity to increase diversity and representation of Democracy Voucher usage and achieve greater equity for underserved communities. 

The Democracy Voucher Program has budgeted a total of $225,000 to award to 501(c)(3) community-based organizations to conduct outreach to underserved communities in Seattle.

Learn more about the 2021 Democracy Voucher Outreach Fund.

Coming for 2021

When are Democracy Vouchers mailed to Seattle residents?
Democracy Vouchers will be mailed to Seattle residents on February 9, 2021.

Who will receive Democracy Vouchers?
Registered voters in Seattle and those who applied for the program will receive Democracy Vouchers.

Which elected positions are eligible for Democracy Voucher funding? 
The mayor, two city council (citywide) positions, and the city attorney's race will be eligible for funding.

How much Democracy Voucher funding will be available to campaigns?
$6.8 million will be available for candidates to fund their campaigns. 

What are the new individual contribution limits?
Candidates in the program are subject to contribution limits of $300 from individual donors when running for city attorney or city council (not including $100 in Democracy Vouchers).

Participating mayoral candidates are subject to contribution limits of $550 (including $100 in Democracy Vouchers).

Candidates not participating in the Democracy Voucher Program have a contribution limit of $550 from individual donors.