Program Data

As with all donations to candidate campaigns, voucher assignments are public information. Your name and the candidate you give your vouchers to will be published on this page. 

2021 - Democracy Voucher Funds Distributed to Candidates

(Updated: 06/09/2021)

Candidate Position Vouchers Total Funded
Andrew Grant Houston Mayor 13,853 $346,325
Brianna Thomas City Council Position #9 1,999 $49,975
Bruce Harrell Mayor 4,549 $113,725
Colleen Echohawk Mayor 12,505 $312,625
Jessyn Farrell Mayor 2,890 $72,250
Lorena González Mayor 8,556 $213,900
Nikkita Oliver City Council Position #9 4,036 $100,900
Teresa Mosqueda City Council Position #8 4,629 $115,725
TOTAL   - 53,017 $1,325,425

2021 - Assigned Voucher Data

Download: 06_18_2021 Voucher Program Data

Description of Data Fields:

Voucher NumbersEach Democracy Voucher is assigned a unique tracking number.

Assigned Campaign - Each Democracy Voucher is "assigned" to a participating campaign.

Invalid Vouchers marked as "invalid" were assigned to a non-participating campaign. 

Voucher Status

Received - A Democracy Voucher assigned to a participating candidate is considered "received" once it has been received by the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission (SEEC). The signature on the voucher is pending verification.

Accepted - A Democracy Voucher is considered "accepted" if the signature on the voucher has been verified by either King County Elections or the SEEC. 

Redeemed - A Democracy Voucher moves from the "accepted" status to "redeemed" once the SEEC has issued a check to the campaign. Vouchers may only be redeemed by campaigns that have qualified. 

Under Review - A Democracy Voucher is considered "under review" if the signature is challenged or if the voucher was assigned to a participating candidate without a signature. 

Received Date - This is the date the Democracy Voucher arrived at the SEEC. 

For a complete list of campaign contributions, visit the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission campaign contributions page. Please contact us for further details about a particular voucher.