Participating Candidates

Find the list of all active 2021 campaigns on the Seattle Ethics and Elections' website. 

Learn about the candidates by reading their Candidate Introductions.

Campaign Status Definitions

Signed Pledge - Candidate may collect qualifying contributions, qualifying signatures, and Democracy Vouchers. 

Completed Qualifying ProcessCandidate may collect and redeem Democracy Vouchers.  

Reached the maximum voucher distribution for the primaryCandidate can no longer redeem vouchers for the primary election. However, residents can still give their vouchers to this candidate. If the candidate proceeds to the general election, the voucher money will be released.

2021 Participating Program Candidates


Candidate Campaign Name Campaign Status
Andrew Grant Houston The Rising Tide

Reached the maximum voucher distribution for the primary

Bobby Tucker Bobby J Tucker

Signed Pledge

Bruce Harrell Bruce for Seattle

Completed Qualifying Process

Casey Sixkiller Sixkiller for Seattle

Signed Pledge

Colleen Echohawk Echohawk for Seattle

Reached the maximum voucher distribution for the primary

Don L Rivers The Change Is Here

Signed Pledge

James Donaldson Team Donaldson

Signed Pledge

Jessyn Farrell Friends of Jessyn

Completed Qualifying Process

Lance Randall Lance Randall for Mayor

Signed Pledge

Lorena González Lorena For Seattle

Completed Qualifying Process

Rodney Holt Dreams Yet to Be Realized

Signed Pledge

City Council Position #8 (citywide)

Campaign        Name
Campaign Status
Bobby Lindsey

Accountable to Seattle

Signed Pledge

Jordan Elizabeth Fisher

Jordan Elizabeth Fisher

Signed Pledge

Kate Martin

Elect Kate Martin

Signed Pledge

Paul Glumaz

Glumaz for Seattle City Council

Signed Pledge

Teresa Mosqueda

People for Teresa

Completed Qualifying Process

City Council Position #9 (citywide)

Campaign Name Campaign Status

Brianna K. Thomas

People for Brianna Completed Qualifying Process

Corey Eichner

Friends of Corey Signed Pledge

Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita for the People Reached the maximum voucher distribution for the primary

Xtian Gunther

Xtian Gunther Seattle City Council Signed Pledge

City Attorney

Campaign            Name Campaign Status
Ann Davison Neighbors for Ann Signed Pledge
Nicole Thomas-Kennedy NTK4Justice Signed Pledge
Pete Holmes         Holmes for Seattle Signed Pledge

Withdrawn Candidates

Asukaa Jaxx

Claire Grant

Henry Star Tuttle

Jeffrey Applegate

Jenny Durkan

Matthew Ervin

Mercedes Carrabba

Mike McQuaid

Steven Fortney

William Robert Kopatich

(Last updated: 06/4/2021)