Where can I return my Democracy Vouchers?

Before you submit your Democracy Vouchers, please ensure your vouchers are assigned to a participating candidate, signed, and dated before returning them.

Directly to a Candidate's Campaign

In-person or by mail to the campaign

Give or mail your Democracy Vouchers directly to a campaign. Please check your candidate's website for more information.

Return to Seattle Ethics and Elections Office

By Mail

Use the pre-paid envelope included with your Democracy Vouchers. Or, use your own stamped envelope:

Democracy Voucher Program
P.O. Box 35196
Seattle, WA 98124-5196 


Visit the Democracy Voucher Online Portal to create an account and assign your vouchers to the candidates of your choice. 


Send a scanned PDF or legible photo of the front and back of your Democracy Vouchers to democracyvoucher@seattle.gov.


Fax the front and back of your Democracy Vouchers to (206) 684-8590.

Drop-off Locations

King County Elections Ballot Boxes

During an active election, Democracy Vouchers can be returned in an enclosed envelope to any of the King County Elections ballot boxes. Find the list of King County Election Ballot box locations.