Payment Assistance Programs

City Light is focused on ensuring all customers have access to clean energy, no matter their income. No one should be without power. We offer payment assistance programs for income-eligible, residential customers to help make living in the Seattle area more affordable.

Find the Bill Payment Assistance You Need

Utility Discount Program

What it is

Income-qualified program for those needing long-term assistance with utility bills.  

Provides a 60%  discount for your City Light bill. Seattle Public Utilities customers receive 50% off their bills.

Who it’s for

Seattle City Light and Public Utilities customers whose total household income meets the criteria for assistance. 

How to learn more

Apply and learn more about eligibility and program details.  

If you participate in Seattle Housing Authority programs, check your bill to see if you have been auto-enrolled. 

Emergency Bill Payment Assistance 

What it is

One-time per year (two-times if you have children in the home) electricity bill payment assistance if you have received an "important" or "urgent" notice  for non-payment because you’re behind on your electricity bill and need help to get your current bill paid. 

Who it’s for

Anyone  that has received notice for non-payment with a bill higher than $250  is  eligible. 

How to learn more

Call Customer Care between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm at (206) 684-3688.  

Project Share

What it is

Funded by customer donations,  this one-time per year assistance pays up to $250 towards your City Light bill. 

Learn more about customer donations to Project Share.

Who it’s for

Anyone who has already participated in either a  Federal  Energy Assistance program or City Light’s Emergency Assistance Program  and still needs some help to pay their bill.  

How to learn more

Call Customer Care between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm at (206) 684-3688.  

Other Financial Assistance Resources

Federal Energy Assistance Program

Federal Energy Assistance - Department of Health and Human Services

This federal program helps you find assistance to pay your utility bill  and provides  education, budget counseling and weatherization services for those that meet income-eligibility requirements.  

Learn More

HomeWise Weatherization Program

HomeWise Weatherization Program - Seattle Office of Housing

You may also be eligible for  the City of Seattle's weatherization program, providing insulation and heating system replacement or repair to help you save energy, lower your utility bill and improve the comfort of your home. 

Learn more