Group of City Light Apprentices

City Light apprenticeships are paid positions designed to help those interested in skilled trades get the experience they need for a career in the electrical utility industry. Apprentices receive hands-on, on-the-job training along with classroom-style learning.

Apprenticeship programs are open to all candidates who meet our qualifications. Our goal is to have apprentices reflect the diversity of the greater Seattle area. We are dedicated to increasing the number of women and minorities in our apprenticeships while providing opportunities for all qualified applicants.

How It Works

Earn while you learn

Apprenticeships at City Light are full-time, paid positions, earning at least $34/hour to start, with wage step increases as you gain experience and knowledge. It also includes full medical, dental, and vision benefits offered to City of Seattle employees.

On the job training

As an apprentice, you work as a member of an assigned crew, under the supervision of journey-level workers. Crew assignments are rotated regularly to give you experience participating in hands-on training with equipment from your trade.

Classroom instruction

Apprentices attend evening academic classes to get more in-depth instruction on the theory and practice of their craft. You will attend a minimum of 144 hours of related academic instruction each year. Classes are held weekly, four hours per week from September – June, and include homework, projects, and test preparation.

Program completion and exams

After completion of required on-the-job training and classroom instruction, you will take City and Union required exams. If you successfully pass these exams you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and become a journey-level employee.

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Types of Apprenticeships Offered

Our Pre-Apprentice Lineworker program offers paid, six-month training positions designed to help employees learn the skills needed to become apprentice lineworkers (trades worker who constructs and maintains electric power transmission and distribution lines). Instruction includes crew assistance and equipment preparation. Training includes physical workouts including climbing wooden poles and CDL training to obtain a Class "A" CDL.

To graduate into the Lineworker Apprenticeship Program, you must pass a set of physical capacity tests and a series of pole climbing tests. Graduates can then enter a 3 ½-year/7,000-hour Lineworker Apprenticeship learning to work with high voltage electrical equipment.

A Cable Splicer splices high voltage and power cables used in underground distribution and street lighting systems as a means to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring systems. This apprenticeship is a 4-year/8,000-hour program preparing you to locate and repair electrical faults underground in confined spaces.

You learn to splice, terminate, and maintain low and high voltage power cables in an underground network distribution system. You will also learn to install and maintain conductors, transformers, network protectors, relays, switches and related electrical equipment.

An Electrician Constructor is responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, and operation of City Light equipment and facilities. This apprenticeship is a 4-year/8,000-hour training program where you learn to work with high voltage electricity and provide service and maintenance to substations throughout City Light's distribution system.

Under the supervision of journey-level workers, you will perform work on transformers, conductors, circuit breakers, switches, protective devices, and cutouts. Apprentices work on poles, towers, and underground vaults performing physically demanding work in adverse weather conditions.

The Generation Electrician Constructor apprenticeship is a 4-year/8,000-hour program. You are assigned to the Boundary and Skagit hydroelectric facilities and will work with high voltage electricity and provide service and maintenance throughout City Light's distribution system.

Under the supervision of journey-level workers, you perform work on generators, install, troubleshoot and maintain the powerhouse operating systems, and will work on governors, protective devices, circuit breakers, disconnects, and transformers. You will assemble and disassemble heavy equipment associated with generation facilities and perform physically demanding work at heights, over water, and in confined spaces.

Meter Electrician Apprentices work in residential, commercial, and industrial areas around City Light's distribution area on revenue meters. They also work on substation and generation metering. This apprenticeship is a 3-year/6,000-hour training program.

You will learn to install single and poly-phase meters, transformer-related meters, self-contained meters and instrument transformers. You also learn about lab and field test meters, automatic metering devices and substation and co-generation metering.

Our apprenticeship programs are approved, registered and monitored by the State of Washington Labor and Industries Apprenticeship and Training Council. The Washington State Apprenticeship Training Standards are carefully overseen by the City of Seattle Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) and Apprenticeship Sub-Committees, which consist of experienced journey-level workers, SCL Apprenticeship Coordinators, and management personnel. In addition, apprentices are required to join their appropriate craft's union.

Learn More About Apprenticeships

For additional information about City Light apprenticeships, call (206) 386-1603 or contact our Apprenticeship Office online.

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