Apply for New or Upgraded Electric Service

Before starting a new construction project or renovation that requires a new electric service connection or upgrade, review our Requirements and Standards resources and then complete our online Electric Service Application.

An electric service application is required for:

  • Existing service alteration or removal
  • Permanent service for any new construction
  • Temporary service for construction sites
  • Construction clearance
  • New streetlight service
  • Solar interconnection

Be Prepared

Prior to starting your application, gather the required documentation to ensure a faster, more seamless experience.

All applications require:

  • Project address
  • Customer name, mailing address, phone number and email
  • Owner, electrician, or contractor contact information
  • Service type (alteration or removal of existing service, temporary service for construction, new permanent service, construction clearance or streetlight work)
  • Date service connection is needed

Most projects also require:

  • Scalable Street Improvement Plan
  • Legal Site Plan
  • Electrical Site Plan for Primary and Secondary Service
  • In-Building Vault Detail
  • Building Elevation Plan and Drawing
  • One-Line Riser Diagram for Primary and Secondary Service
  • Load Calculations
  • Electrical Site Plan for Primary and Secondary Service

If you have any questions about application requirements for your project, contact the Electric Service Representative assigned to the location of the property.

Ready to start your application?