Like many utilities, City Light produces and delivers electricity to our customers' homes and businesses. What makes us unique is our commitment and proven experience doing this in the most environmentally responsible way possible. The majority of the electricity we provide comes from carbon-free hydroelectricity, and we offset all of our operations and were the first carbon-neutral utility in the nation.

As an industry leader in clean energy and environmental stewardship, we're also dedicated to the exploration of new technologies and practices to ensure continued access to clean and affordable power, while actively building and sustaining the natural habitats where we operate.

Where Does Your Power Come From?

Graphic showing a mix of the sources of City Light's energyOver 80% of the power we deliver is generated from clean, carbon-free hydroelectricity. In a typical year, about 40% of our power comes from our fully owned hydroelectric projects on the Skagit and Pend Oreille Rivers. The remaining power is generated from a mix of power sources, including a small portion that we are required by law to purchase from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and other renewable sources.

*City Light does not have coal or natural gas resources in its power supply portfolio. It does make market purchases to balance or match its loads and resources. These purchases, along with market purchases made by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), may incidentally include coal or natural gas resources, which are assigned to the utility. Any emissions associated with unspecified market purchases are offset through our greenhouse gas (GHG) neutrality policy.

**This fuel represents a portion of the power purchased from BPA.