Delridge Electrical Upgrades

Map showing the area of the Delridge electrical upgrades

Project Description

Seattle City Light crews plan to upgrade the electrical infrastructure of the Delridge neighborhood by replacing aging utility poles, overhead wires and equipment along Southwest Brandon Street, 21st Avenue Southwest, Southwest Andover Street and 23rd Avenue Southwest.


Construction will occur on:

  • Southwest Brandon Street
  • 21st Avenue Southwest
  • Southwest Andover Street
  • 23rd Avenue Southwest

What's Happening Now?

Project Update (June 2022): This project is 95% complete. Crews are completing some final spot work along the affected work area.

Community Benefits

  • The new infrastructure will increase electrical reliability in the Delridge neighborhood by replacing aging electrical infrastructure.
  • The electrical upgrades will reduce unplanned power outages.

Anticipated Impacts

  • Some traffic and parking will be restricted due to construction work areas.
    • "No Park" signs will be enforced in work zones and removed once the work is completed in that area.
  • Power outages are expected from this work.
    • Notifications will be provided in advance of outages. The notification will specify the date, time and duration of the outage.
  • Some noise is expected from heavy machinery.
  • Crews will begin replacing utility poles, overhead wire and equipment.
  • The new poles will be placed alongside pre-existing poles, with the exemption of specific pole locations where adjustments will be made to improve pedestrian mobility.
  • Pre-existing poles will be removed once the transfer of all wires and equipment are done by other utilities. City Light will monitor these efforts to facilitate the removal of old poles.

  • Construction Start: Late February 2020
  • Duration: TBD
  • Daily Work Schedule: Mon - Fri, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. w/ nights & weekends

Thomas Gravell
Electrical Service Representative Supervisor
(206) 386-1672

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