Mobile Homes & Parks Code

What Is It?

We regulate the location, development, and closure of mobile home parks. We also require that mobile home parks be licensed.

To close a park, the mobile home park property owner must submit a plan to us; see Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 22.904.420. Once we approve the plan, the owner must give the park’s tenants 12 months' notice that they will have to move. See Chapter 59.21.030 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) for specific notice requirements.

There is a moratorium on the filing, acceptance, processing or approval of any application to establish or change the use of any site currently used as a mobile home park.  Ordinance 126006 extends the moratorium which was originally established by Ordinance 125764 through January 12, 2021.

What It Isn't

Our City code does not govern relocation assistance payments for mobile home park residents. The state of Washington requires that mobile home park property owners pay relocation assistance to tenants who have to move because of a park’s closure. (See Chapter 59.21.021 RCW.)

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Proposed Changes

Ordinance 126006 expires on July 12, 2020 without further legislative action.