Funding for Tenant Services

Are you a small organization that is looking to educate your community about tenants' rights? We want to hear from YOU!

The Code Compliance Division of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) is pleased to announce the availability of small grants for tenant services. A total of $37,496 is available in 2019. The grants are meant to fund multiple proposals and approved grants shall not exceed $5,000. 

We are seeking short proposals from small, not-for-profit, community organizations who will use these funds to support tenants in understanding the rights and resources available to them. These funds can be used for expenses such as staff time, venue rentals, refreshments, childcare, translation, transportation, etc.

Project ideas could include hosting a community training, running an outreach campaign, tabling opportunities, or any creative idea to connect with communities about tenants' rights and resources. These funds can be used for one event or continuous engagement to be completed by December 31, 2019.

Your proposal should be no more than two pages (front and back, including the application template) and include:

  • A description of your organization
  • The type of event, outreach, or project your organization would like to do
  • Whether or not your organization would like Renting in Seattle staff to come and educate your community on their tenant rights
  • Proposed budget for your project

Application Materials

Timeline for Funding Proposals

Funding Opportunity Released August 21, 2019
Application Deadline Continuous until all funds are dispersed
Planned Award Notification Decisions will be made within 30 days of application receipt
Anticipated Contract Start Date Upon acceptance and approval of or project proposal

If you have questions, please email or call at (206) 386-4249.