Housing Cost Increases

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What Is It?

Icon showing increased housing costs.Housing costs include: rent, parking fees, storage fees, etc. Property owners may raise rent as often as they choose and by any amount with proper notice. Property owners cannot increase rent in order to avoid the Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance.

What It Isn't

Housing cost increase rules are not rent control. Rent control is prohibited in the State of Washington.

Rules to Follow

  • Property owners must give tenants a written notice 60 days prior to raising periodic or monthly housing cost 10 percent or more
  • The property owner must give tenants written notice 30 days prior to raising periodic or monthly housing costs less than 10 percent
  • If a housing cost increase amounts to less than 10 percent and a subsequent housing cost increase in the same 12 month period causes the total increase amount to be 10 percent or more, a 60 day notice would be required for that second housing cost increase
  • The property owner cannot increase periodic or monthly housing costs when SDCI has determined the housing unit does not comply with the Rental Registration and Inspections Ordinance and Checklist

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