Sign Inspections

In response to Governor Inslee lifting Phase 3 COVID restrictions, private construction COVID site protocols are now lifted. See SDCI's Inspections site for instructions on how to request inspections for projects.

What Is It?

Signs must be inspected after they are installed. Some signs require footing or special inspections (structural or geotechnical) during the installation process. All sign installations require final inspection before the permit expires.

  • Footing inspection. We require a footing inspection for each ground sign or pole sign before you pour the concrete foundation or footing. You must schedule the footing inspection at least 24 hours before your concrete is delivered. If you need to make special arrangements for your inspection, please call the sign inspector directly at (206) 684-8419.
  • Special inspection. You may need a special inspection if your construction is complicated enough to require a technical expert to inspect the structure or soils. We will give you a special inspection schedule form if you need this inspection. We may require special inspections for some sign structural fabrication and connection methods, and for geotechnical evaluation of soil conditions. We may also require special inspections for conditions that may add load to a structure or that may pose a risk to public safety in the event of a failure. The project engineer or SDCI may decide that special inspection is needed. You must send documentation of each special inspection to the sign inspector before you request a final inspection.
  • Final inspection. You must request a final inspection. Our inspector will make sure your sign installation matches the approved plans. You must pass a final inspection for all sign, awning, outline lighting, or border tube installations before your permit expires. If your permit expires before your final inspection, you may need to reestablish your permit and pay an additional fee. If too much time has passed since your permit expired, you will be required to get a new permit and comply with current regulations.

How to Schedule

Request your inspection before 7:00 a.m. on the day you need it. You will need your permit number available to make the request. Inspection requests received after 7:00 a.m. will be put on the list for the next business day. (Remember, if you have a foundation, an inspection must be completed before the foundation is poured. Be sure to schedule your inspection 24 hours before you pour.)