Code Corrections - What & Why

SDCI Changes to Code

What Is Happening Now?

SDCI is proposing amendments to clarify and improve the function of various provisions in the Land Use code (Title 23) and related regulations in Chapters 22.900G, 25.09, 22.900G, 25.09 25.12, 25.16, 25.24 and 25.30. 

The proposed amendments generally include "clean-up" amendments that correct inadvertent clerical errors, incorrect cross-references, and clarify existing Code language. Amendments also include relatively minor policy changes that do not warrant independent legislation. The proposal is called "omnibus" amendments because SDCI periodically packages a collection of amendments for efficiency.

The need for these amendments has been identified by residents, elected officials, and City staff. City Council will consider the Code Corrections amendments for adoption in Fall 2022.

Please see the Code Corrections Project Documents page for more information. If you have questions or comments, contact Emily Lofstedt, SDCI Policy and Technical Planner at  

Project Benefits

The ordinance:

  • Clarifies regulations to be consistent with the City Council's original intent
  • Provides consistency and predictability for neighbors and permit applicants
  • Corrects inadvertent clerical errors and incorrect cross-references, and clarifies existing Code language

The End Result

The legislation will go into effect in early 2022.