Personnel Rules

Note: Employees who are represented under the terms of an authorized collective bargaining agreement between the City and a labor union are subject to the terms and conditions of that collective bargaining agreement when the agreement is in conflict with these rules. If the agreement is silent, the Personnel Rules apply.

Personnel Rules —Single Document


Personnel Rule 1—Workplace Expectations

Personnel Rule 2—Classification

Personnel Rule 3—Compensation

Personnel Rule 4—Employment

Personnel Rule 5—General Employment Provisions

Personnel Rule 6—Layoffs and Separations in Good Standing

Personnel Rule 7—Leaves

FML Forms

Personnel Rule 8—Safety Programs

Personnel Rule 9—Work Schedules

Personnel Rule 10—Employee Records

Personnel Rule 11—Temporary Employment

Human Resources

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The Human Resources Department provides human resource services, tools, and expert assistance to departments, policy makers, employees, and the public so that the City of Seattle's diverse work force is deployed, supported, and managed fairly to accomplish the City's business goals.