Human Resources Investigations Unit

To promote equity, accountability, and fairness through our professional, compassionate, and ethical investigations.

The Human Resources Investigations Unit (HRIU) is an independent investigative unit. HRIU was created in response to the City of Seattle employees' request for a fair and trusted investigations group with no connection to other in-house Human Resources departments or managers in their divisions.

HRIU investigates complaints and alleged violations of applicable City Personnel Rules, and/or related policies. This includes allegations of harassment, discrimination, and misconduct. Any current or former City of Seattle employee, their management, Human Resources representative, union representative, or shop steward may request an HRIU investigation.

HRIU uses Trauma-Informed investigation procedures to ensure that employees are treated compassionately and fairly through all phases of the investigation process.

To learn more about HRIU, view this backgrounder.

To reach the HRIU team, please contact us by email through or call us (206) 733-9888.