Workforce Equity

The Workforce Equity Initiative is the City's commitment to eliminate racial disparities and achieve equity for the City's employees.

We will know that we have reached workforce equity when:

  • the  workforce is inclusive of people of color and other marginalized or under-represented groups
  • at a rate representative of the greater Seattle area
  • at all levels of City employment;


  • institutional and structural barriers impacting employee attraction, selection, participation and retention have been eliminated,
  • enabling opportunity for employment success and career growth.

Workforce Equity is an extension of the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative - with a focus on the City's employees.  Under Executive Order 2015-02, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights and Seattle Department of Human Resources partnered to create the first Workforce Equity Strategic Plan in July 2016.  The Workforce Equity Division in SDHR oversees the Plan, its updates and the work described in Executive Order 2018-04: Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination. 

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