Temporary Benefits Eligible Employees

The below healthcare plans are available to Temporary Benefits Eligible employees. Please contact your department's benefits representative if you have questions. 

2024 Benefits Orientation - Temporary Benefits Eligible Employees: View the recorded presentation for information on benefits for temporary employees who are eligible for the City of Seattle benefits (44 minutes and 56 seconds). See the Benefits Orientation time stamp


Employees can choose from four plans, each with different features, coverages, and costs.

*Aetna Claims Appeal Infographic

Note: The City of Seattle has been a leader in covering many Gender-Affirming Care Services. In response to WA state legislation in 2022, the City added more services. See the infographic.  


Employees can choose a dental plan from either Delta Dental of Washington or Dental Health Services.


The City offers vision coverage through VSP

Benefit Guides

Temporary Benefits Eligible employees can use the below guide to maximize their benefits.

Basic Group Term Life Insurance

Temporary Benefits Eligible employees can choose Basic or Limited Basic Life Insurance.

Employees can buy Basic Group Term Life Insurance equal to one and one-half times their annual salary, or they can buy Limited Basic Life Insurance. The Limited Basic Life limits coverage amount to $50,000, regardless of salary. It provides some coverage, without creating taxable income. (See Calculating the Cost of Group Life Insurance, below.) The City pays 40 percent of the premium cost; the employees pay 60 percent through payroll deduction, via the second paycheck of each month for the subsequent month's coverage.

Employees are guaranteed coverage with basic life insurance if they enroll within 30 days of their hire date or the date they become eligible. If an employee waits to enroll (or increase coverage) themselves or dependents until open enrollment, they'll each have to complete an Evidence of Insurability (medical history statement) that can be denied or approved, for any coverage amount. Employees may complete and submit the Evidence of Insurability online. Employees may complete Evidence of Insurability and submit it online here

Calculating the Cost of Group Life Insurance:  Use the Employee Benefits Guide tables to calculate the cost of basic and supplemental life insurance. The City pays 40 percent of the Basic Group Term Life Insurance premium. The Limited Basic Group Term Life, which has a $50,000 benefit limit, avoids IRS taxation. Employees pay the full premium for Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance. Beneficiary Designation:  Employees can designate or change beneficiaries any time during the year through Employee Self-Service

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Basic Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance provides employees with income during a long illness or injury recovery. The City pays for basic coverage, up to $400 per month. 

Temporary Benefits Eligible Employees are automatically enrolled in Basic LTD coverage, at no cost. The basic LTD coverage combines with other income sources, if any, to provide the employee with 60 percent of the first $667 of their pre-disability earnings, up to a maximum benefit of $400 per month while unable to work. 

LTD coverage ends the last day of the month in which the employee leaves City employment. Employees can buy LTD conversion insurance if they were insured under the City's LTD plan for up to one year. Injuries and illnesses that occur on the job are covered by the City's Workers' Compensation program.

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