Your Side Sewer

Rendering shows single family home sewer line responsibility, which extends to the sewer mainline.
Graphic shows sewer line responsibility, which extends to the sewer mainline.

A side sewer carries wastewater from a building's sinks, toilet and drains to the public sewer in the street.

If you own your home or building, you own your side sewer to the public sewer main. The sewer main is located under a street near your home.


Side sewers in Seattle are privately-owned and are an important part of the sewer system. Find resources here to help you understand, protect, maintain, and if needed, repair your side sewer.

SPU’s side sewer program

We can help with:

  • Establishing repair responsibility: Me or SPU?
  • Finding your side sewer’s location on our mapping system
  • Reviewing your side sewer scope video where the connection may be damaged
  • Notifying neighbor(s) about responsibility for repairs on shared side sewers
  • Checking on the status or outcome of a side sewer related request of a SPU work crew
  • Checking to see if we have an inspection video showing the status of your side sewer connection
  • General questions about responsibility for tree roots in your side sewer

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