Collection & Disposal Rates

Photo of waste containers in Seattle
Seattle's waste containers include compost (green), recycling (blue), and garbage (black).

Seattle Public Utilities' solid waste services collect and dispose of recycling, food & yard waste, and garbage, both residential and commercial. Recycling service is included free in the garbage rate to Seattle residents.


SPU is committed to the following goals in its garbage, recycling, and food & yard services:

  • To increase waste reduction and resource conservation.
  • To recycle or divert from disposal 60% of all municipal solid waste generated in Seattle.
  • To increase the efficiency, fairness, convenience, and accessibility of services.
  • To expand local recycling markets and increase purchases of recycled-content products.
  • To increase producer and consumer responsibility for sustainable waste management practices.
  • To implement the Seattle Sustainable Building Action Plan.
  • To improve sustainable waste management and resource conservation practices in all City operations.
  • To keep Seattle's neighborhoods clean and safe by partnering with communities.