South Transfer Station Features

Construction of the state-of-the-art South Transfer Station was completed in 2013. This facility replaces the former South Recycling and Disposal Station located down the street. The hi-tech, ultra-environmental (LEED Gold) station will serve customers for at least the next 50 years.

Features of the new facility include:

  • Large open area to accept different types of waste materials.
  • Automated weigh-and-pay station for increased efficiency and shorter lines.
  • Separate entrance and transfer area for garbage trucks for added safety.
  • Educational viewing room for the public.
  • Misting system that removes dust and reduces odor.
  • Rainwater collection system that stores water in a cistern to be used for washing and landscape irrigation.
  • High-quality architecture that meets the gold standard in environmental design.
  • Public art featuring salvaged street signs and parts from the old South Park Bridge.


Construction photos