Beverly Park Tank Improvements Project

Photo of a water tank
The Beverly Park Tank is a drinking water storage tank.

Project Description

Preserving quality drinking water in your community.
Beverly Park Tank is a 2,000,000-gallon water tank owned by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) that serves customers in southwest Seattle, North Highline, and Burien. It is located in North Highline neighborhood near the intersection of 4th Avenue SW and SW 112th Street.

SPU is painting the inside and outside of the tank to extend its service life and help preserve water quality. In addition, SPU will perform upgrades to help maintenance crews work more safely.

Beverly Park Tank Improvements Project construction may take up to one year to complete.


It is located in North Highline neighborhood near the intersection of 4th Avenue SW and SW 112th Street (project area map).

What's Happening Now?

The contractor completed installation of scaffolding and has securely wrapped the tank in a containment system to enclose the entire tank.
Starting March 25, SPU contractor crews will begin removing paint from the outside of the tank.
  • The paint removal process will be noisy.
  • Exterior paint removal work will take about 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • Loud construction activities will typically be 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with some longer days required.
  • Paint removal work will occur within the containment system.
For more information, please review the Beverly Park Tank Construction Update (English, Español, Tiếng Việt)
After paint removal is done, the containment system will remain in place and the contractor will paint the exterior of the tank and perform additional improvements.

Community Benefits

This project will extend the life of the tank reducing the need for more costly infrastructure improvements, and it will help preserve water service and quality.

Anticipated Impacts

You can expect:

  • Typical work hours are weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday work may be required to meet construction deadlines.
  • General construction activities with increased noise during paint removal process and other phases of work
  • Homes and businesses will continue to receive water services while work is going on
  • The tank will be covered during construction, including the painting process
  • No road closures are expected, but there will be increased construction-related traffic in area

The T-Mobile cell tower located on top of the tank has been temporarily removed and will be replaced once work is complete. During construction, a temporary cell tower will be located near the tank.

Community Engagement

The project is currently in construction. If you are interested in receiving updates, please subscribe to the project email list.


Mid to late 2018

  • Begin project design
  • Initial public outreach

Early to mid-2019

  • Finalize project design
  • Continue to provide updates to the community

Mid to late 2019

  • Pre-construction activities
  • Pre-construction community notification
  • Early construction coordination begins

Late 2019 to mid-2020

  • Construction underway
  • Exterior paint removal process begins March 25, which involves loud work for 2-3 weeks
  • Construction updates, as needed

Mid to late 2020

  • Site restoration 
  • Contractor completes work at the site

* Schedule is subject to change due to weather, permitting, or other factors.


Project Documents

Beverly Park Tank Improvements Project Overview (English, Español, Tiếng Việt)
Beverly Park Tank Poster (English, Español, Tiếng Việt) 
Beverly Park Tank Construction Update (English, Español, Tiếng Việt)