Water Quality Annual Reports

Invisible Systems, Visible Benefits

The Drinking Water Quality report, which the Environmental Protection Agency requires us to create and share with every customer, gives you information about how we're doing regarding the water you drink every day. We're pleased to report that our water is among the best in the nation, both in purity and taste.

We provide fresh, clean water daily to 1.4 million people thanks to pipes, pumps, plants, and people:

  • 2 pristine, protected mountain sources: the Cedar River and South Fork Tolt River watersheds
  • 2 state-of-the-art water treatment plants
  • 1,900 miles of pipes
  • 13 reservoirs
  • 14 storage tanks
  • numerous pumping stations
  • more than 600 people testing, treating, fixing, monitoring, building and protecting
  • a mission control center that ensures all elements work together

And it's a bargain - less than a penny per gallon delivered to your tap.

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Printable Water Quality Report Archive

The following archived reports are in PDF format. View the most current water quality results.