Mami Hara, CEO
Mami Hara,
General Manager/CEO

Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Mami Hara is the general manager of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). She is committed to advancing an equitable and sustainable Seattle and region through collaboration, strategic investment, and partnering with community, and seeks to expand this ethic throughout Seattle Public Utilities. Hara brings over three decades of experience in sustainable land and water management practices and advances them through cultivating leaders, partnerships, participation, planning, science/data-informed decisions and knowledge sharing.

Hara has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University and has been an advisor to several environmental, philanthropic, planning and design advocacy organizations. She has taught at PennDesign, Temple School of Architecture and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT.

Each year, SPU updates the following 2 data collection documents to reflect new, annual data.

Just the Facts provides an overview of SPU's Water, Wastewater, Drainage, and Solid Waste lines of business, including: budget, revenue, customer's usage of SPU services, and major regulators.

Count on Us provides summarizing data of SPU's various customer-centered services and projects for the year, including: Conservation & Stewardship, Community Engagement, Customer Relations, Billing, and Water.

Together, these documents provide a high-level snapshot of Seattle Public Utilities for the year.

The Engineering Records Vault is an archive of City infrastructure information located in the Seattle Municipal Tower. If you are visiting the Records Vault for the first time, you will need to create a user account in our office so our staff can provide you with digital images.

The vault includes engineering quarter section maps (GIS computer-generated and older mylar), aerial topography maps, sewerage and drainage topography maps, basemaps, and various City maps, including the 1:400 scale maps and the Vault Plan Index (VPI) original mylar.

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Seattle contracts with Recology, Inc. and Waste Management of Washington, Inc. for garbage, recycling, and food and yard waste collection services. The City also has contracts with different companies to process solid waste and for the transportation and disposal of the City's solid waste in Oregon.

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