Payments and Contracts
Get cost estimation guides, required forms, documentation, and payment info for your project.
We regulate and approve new or changed water service within our system, including some Seattle suburbs.
Sewer and Drainage
Property owners and developers must tell us where stormwater, groundwater, and wastewater will go.
Collection and Disposal
Construction projects need to plan how they will salvage or dispose of solid waste during and after the build.
Land Surveys
We provide land survey services only to other City of Seattle departments, but we offer data for everyone to use.
Design Standards & Guidelines
Access manuals, design specifications, and guidelines to meet design and construction rules and requirements.


Stormwater Code Update

Upcoming Public Meetings (November 12, 2020 and January 28, 2021) and Public Review Periods

Our proposed 2021 Stormwater Code and Manual update is scheduled to be effective in July 2021. Our new rules will replace the current Stormwater code and Directors' Rules, which are administered jointly by SDCI and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). For more information, visit SDCI's website.

Director's Rule Draft

Rule WTR-440, Requirements for Water Service

We are updating and combining rules relating to water-service connections and water availability in construction permitting and other requests. View the draft rule, public notice, and environmental checklist. Comment deadline: October 29, 2020.

Water Code Update

Seattle Public Utilities proposes to amend Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 21.04 – Water Rates and Regulations and SMC 21.12 – Miscellaneous Provisions

Objectives for updating sections of the Code are:

  • Improve and clarify existing Code language;
  • Update outdated and inconsistent terminology and practices in the Code, which was originally adopted in 1893 and 1935.

View the draft Code changes, Determination of Non-Significance, and environmental checklist. Send comments to Betty Meyer, SPU SEPA Responsible Official, at The comment deadline is November 5, 2020.


You can contact the Development Services Office (DSO) at (206) 684-3333 or The mailing address for the DSO is:

Seattle Public Utilities - DSO
PO Box 94647
Seattle, WA 98124-4647

You can make a secure payment online to the Development Services Office using your 8-digit invoice number. Otherwise, you can mail in your payment.