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Experience the Cedar River and Tolt Watersheds wherever you are! Learn about the water cycle, watersheds, and the Seattle area's mountain-fresh water supplies.

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Virtual Field Trip

  What is a Watershed?

Video | 4 minutes

Find out what a watershed is, and how Seattle protects two special watersheds that provide drinking water to 1.5 million people.


Activity | 30 minutes

Find out how watersheds work in real life! Make a paper model of a watershed and see how water flows over the land. You'll discover that whatever goes on the land, goes in the water, too.

URL for Download: Make Your Own Watershed

Screenshot of the Making Watershed Activity


  Our Amazing Water Cycle

Video | 5 minutes

Did you know that the water we use is the same water that dinosaurs drank millions of years ago? Find out how the amazing water cycle delivers water to the Cedar and Tolt River Watersheds, sustaining life for 1.5 million people and countless plants and animals!


Activity | 30 minutes

Now that you've watched the "Our Amazing Water Cycle" video, you have a better idea of how precious our fresh water is and how some of it becomes your drinking water. Complete the activity sheet to learn even more!

URL for Download: Our Amazing Water Cycle

Screenshot of the Amazing Water Cycle Activity


  Where Does My Water Come From?

Video | 6 minutes

When you turn on the faucet, do you know where that water comes from? Discover all the steps your water takes on its way to you.


Activity | 30 minutes

Now that you've watched the "Where Does My Water Come From?" video, you have a better idea of how water gets from the Cascade Mountains to you. Complete the activities below to learn even more about your drinking water!

URL for Download: Where Does My Water Come From?

Screenshot of the Where Water Comes From Activity


  How Clean is My Water?

Video | 7 minutes

How does Seattle's water taste so good? Discover the four T's of Seattle's clean water: Thoughtful ownership, Trees, Treatment, and Testing.


Activity | 30-60 minutes

Now that you’ve watched the "How Clean is My Water" video, find out how filters work to clean water!

URL for Download: Make a Water Filter

Screenshot of the Water Filter Activity