Seattle City Light / Seattle Public Utilities

eBilling System Update

Why was my online utility bill delayed?

Starting September 9, the City suspended issuing online utility bills to customers due to a technical error that affected processing. Issuing of electronic bills resumed September 21, and was caught up on September 30. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Was my information visible to others?

Our initial analysis indicates that bills for less than 500 of the City’s utility customers may have been visible to other City Light/Seattle Public Utilities customers. Information contained on bills is limited to: customer name, address, utility account number, balance and usage. Social security numbers, bank accounts, or credit or debit card information were not visible. If your information was accessed by another City utility customer, the City will notify you by mail the first week of October.

Have you fixed this issue?

Yes. We have identified the cause of both issues -- errors in code affecting electronic bill processing -- and have taken corrective actions to resolve them.

Is the system safe to use?

Yes. Payment information was not exposed during this event. Payment information is secured by a separate system that was not affected by this situation.

Will my utility services be impacted?

No. Utility service to customers of Seattle City Light or Seattle Public Utilities will not be affected.

What should I do differently when paying my bill?

Please note that account numbers changed when the City changed billing systems. If you pay through online banking or a third-party payment service or make a one-time payment through our website, you will need to use your new account number. Account numbers are automatically updated with recurring payments through eBilling.