Seattle Public Utilities

How to recycle

Motor Oil

Next to bin – no charge

You can recycle up to 2 gallons of motor oil on each recycling collection day:

  1. Pour cooled oil into a 1-gallon plastic container with a tight-fitting, screw-on lid.
  2. Label the container with your name and address.
  3. Set up to 2 labeled 1-gallon containers on the curb next to your recycling bin.
  4. Apartment / Condo residents: Set out up to 2 labeled 1-gallon containers per cart at your building/complex.

Transfer station

Bring up to 5 gallons of oil per a trip to city transfer stations. No fee.

Hazardous – no charge

Bring contaminated oil that contains solvents, bleach, or other materials to a household hazardous waste facility. No fee.

Did you know?

Motor oil can be recycled if it doesn’t contain solvents, bleach, or other materials.

Never pour motor oil on the ground or down the drain; it can pollute our waterways and the environment.

Decrease waste: Choose reusable items or donate to thrift stores.