Seattle Public Utilities

How to recycle

Plastic without Recycle Symbol

In recycling – rinse first

  • Yogurt containers
  • Deli containers
  • Bottles and jugs
  • Microwave trays
  • Plastic lids 3-inches or larger
  • Clean and empty plastic grocery bags – bundle into one bag and tie off
  • Small plastic bottle caps if screwed onto an empty plastic bottle
  • Clean plastic plant pots
  • Tupperware
  • Pill bottles (not prescription vials)
  • Rigid plastic toys – 3-feet or less on all sides
  • Rigid plastic sporting equipment – 3-feet or less on all sides
  • Rigid plastic furniture – 3-feet or less on all sides
  • Storage containers
  • Buckets with no fabric, foam, or wood attached

In food and yard waste

Plastic-like containers labeled “Compostable” or “#7 PLA” go in the food and yard waste.

Learn more about compostable packaging (pdf).

In garbage

  • Loose lids less than 3-inches in diameter
  • Loose plastic bottle caps
  • Dirty plastic cups
  • Plastic utensils
  • Blister packs
  • Flexible plastic (such as inflatable pools)
  • Plastic molding
  • Vinyl or plastic blinds
  • CD and DVD cases
  • Plastic clothes hangers
  • Plastic tarps
  • Ziploc or plastic bread bags
  • Plastic liners and trays from food boxes

Did you know?

Seattle doesn’t recycle by number because it’s not a reliable way to determine the recyclability of an item.

Decrease waste: Choose reusable items or donate to thrift stores.