Administrative Design Review Election Process for MHA Projects
Billing Information Update
Cancellation or Refund Request
Certification of Notification
Code Modification or Alternate Request
Code Violation Complaint Form
Commercial Energy - 2018 Commissioning Compliance Checklist
Commercial Energy - 2015 Commissioning Compliance Checklist
Commercial Energy - 2018 Building Envelope Forms
Commercial Energy - 2015 Envelope Forms
Commercial Energy - 2012 Envelope Forms
Commercial Energy - 2018 Lighting Forms
Commercial Energy - 2015 Lighting Forms
Commercial Energy - 2012 Lighting Forms
Commercial Energy - Mechanical Forms
Commercial Kitchen Hood Worksheet
Condominium Sale Prohibition Covenant
Construction Permit Checklist - Environmental Critical Areas
Construction Permit Checklist - Large Multifamily
Construction Permit Checklist - New Commercial Project
Construction Permit Checklist - New Single Family or Duplex
Construction Permit Checklist - Phased Projects
Construction Permit Checklist - Shorelines
Construction Permit Checklist - Shoring Excavation
Construction Permit Checklist - Single-Family Add Alt
Construction Permit Checklist - Small Multifamily
Construction Permit Checklist - Tenant Improvement - Commercial
Construction Permit Standards - Environmental Critical Areas
Construction Permit Standards - Large Multifamily
Construction Permit Standards - New Commercial Project
Construction Permit Standards - New Single Family Duplex
Construction Permit Standards - Shorelines
Construction Permit Standards - Single-Family Add Alt
Construction Permit Standards - Small Multifamily
Construction Permit Standards - Tenant Improvement - Commercial
Earthquake Damage Repair Permit Application
Earthquake Home Retrofit Permit Application
Earthquake Home Retrofit Planset
Electrical & Fire Permit Application - Plan Review
Electrical & Sign Permit Transfer
Elevator & Escalator (Conveyance) Permit Application
Energy Code Alterations (Remodel) Worksheet
Energy Code Forms
Energy Code Glazing Schedule
Energy Code Heating System Sizing Worksheet
Energy Code Prescriptive Worksheet All Climate Zones
Environmental (SEPA) Checklist
Environmentally Critical Areas Administrative Conditional Use Permit Application
Environmentally Critical Areas Covenant
Environmentally Critical Areas Exception Application
Environmentally Critical Areas Exemption Request
Environmentally Critical Areas Restoration Plan Application
Environmentally Critical Areas Standard Mitigation Plan
Environmentally Critical Areas Variance Application
Estimator Tool for Deconstruction 
Floating on Water Residence Verification Application Form
Floating Residence Change of Address Form
Floating Residence Change of Ownership Form
Gas Piping Mechanic License Affidavit
Gas Piping Mechanic License Application
Grading Season Extension Application
Green Building Commitment Form for Master Use Permits
Green Building Inspections Form
Green Building Standard Development Site Form
High-Rise Predesign Conference
House Barge Varification Application Form
Journey Refrigeration Mechanic License Affidavit
King County Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge - Residential Sewer Use Certification
King County Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge - Non-Residential Sewer Use Certification
King County Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge - Alternative Housing Sewer Use Certification
Journey Refrigeration Mechanic License Application
Land Use Analysis Letter Request
Land Use Permit Submittal Requirements Checklist
Letter of Intent To Dedicate Easement
Letter of Intent To Dedicate Public Right of Way
Liquefaction-Prone Area Covenant
Lot Boundary Adjustment
Low-Income Housing Checklist
Mechanical Permit Application & Checklist - Commercial & Multifamily
Memorandum of Drainage Control
Minor Telecommunication Rooftop Applications ‐ Technical Feasibility Justification Template
Multiple Appointment Request
No Protest Agreement
On Site Stormwater List Calculator
Out of City Sewer Agreement
Paid Coaching Appointment Request
Parking Agreement, Off-Site
Peat Settlement-Prone Area Covenant
Personal Wireless Service Facility Statement of FCC Compliance
Phased Permit Request Form
Pilot Infiltration Test Checklist
Post-Permit Submittal Application
Post-Permit Submittal Checklist for Construction
Post-Permit Submittal Standards
Potential Landslide Area Covenant
Pre-Application Site Visit Request
Preliminary Application
Preliminary Assessment of Single-Family Home Electrical Vehicle Capability
Pre-Sized Flow Control Calculator
Pre-Submittal Conference Application - Construction
Pre-Submittal Conference Application - Land Use
Rat Abatement Certification Form
Rat Abatement Declaration Form
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors License Application
Refrigeration Operating Engineer License Applicant
Release of Owner Occupancy Covenant for Accessory Dwelling Units
Relief from Prohibition on Steep Slope Development Request
Request to Elect a Later Land Use Code Vesting Date for your Design Review Project
Response to Guidelines MUP Application for Design Review
Rezone Application Submittal Information
Roof Replacement Affidavit Form
Salvage Assessment
Seattle Green Factor Scoresheet and Worksheet
SEPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Worksheet
SEPA Request to Opt Out Form - Housing
Shoreline Substantial Development Permits and Special Uses
Side Sewer Alternative Housing Sewer Use Certification Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge
Side Sewer Easement
Side Sewer Evaluation and Certification Form
Side Sewer Joint Use & Maintenance Agreement
Side Sewer Non-Residential Sewer Use Certification Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge
Side Sewer Release
Side Sewer Release & Indemnification Agreement
Side Sewer Residential Sewer Use Certification Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge
Side Sewer Reuse Notification
Sign, Billboard & Awning Special Inspection Schedule
Simple Infil Test Checklist
Site Contact Information Update Form
Small Demolition Construction Stormwater Control Soil Management Plan
Smoke Control Acceptance Test Form
Special Sewer Connection Charge Contract
Standard Construction Stormwater Control and Soil Amendment Plan (2021)
Standard Drainage and Wastewater Control Plan (2021)
Statement of Financial Responsibility Agent Authorization
Statement of Intent for Design Review Exemption
Steam Eng & Boiler Fireman License Affidavit
Steam Eng & Boiler Fireman License Application
STFI Permit Checklist - Multifamily & Commercial Buildings
STFI Permit Checklist - Single Family and Duplex Buildings
Stormwater and Grading Checklist
Stormwater and Grading Standards
Telecommunications Eligible Facilities Application
Temporary Noise Variance Application
Temporary Occupancy Permit Checklist
Temporary Sewer Connection Agreement
Temporary Structure Permit Checklist
Tree & Vegetation Standard Mitigation Plan
Trust Account Maintenance
Variance Application

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SDCI issues land use, construction, and trade permits, conducts construction and housing-related inspections, ensures compliance with our codes, and regulates rental rules. SDCI is committed to an antiracist workplace and to addressing racism through our work in the community.