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There is a lot of discussion these days about "affordable housing" in Seattle.  Sometimes affordable housing refers to the reality that market rate housing is so expensive that many people cannot find a home they can afford and must leave Seattle.  City leaders are making housing affordability a priority through the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda or HALA as its commonly called. Learn more on the HALA website.

Affordable housing can also refer more specifically to housing that is subsidized or income-based.  The Seattle Office of Housing maintains a list of affordable housing providers as well as housing search engines on their Find Affordable Housing website.

There are many sources of "subsidized housing," but as a general rule, rent is restricted and they require income-eligibility and verification.  One of the largest affordable housing providers is the federally-funded Seattle Housing Authority (SHA). SHA has over 8,000 rental units in the City.  SHA also administers a "Housing Choice Voucher" program formerly known as "Section 8."  To learn more about SHA housing, visit the SHA web site.

To find rental housing, many renters look to public web sites like Craigslist and Zillow or use phone apps like PadMapper and Trulia.  Posting your own ad on Craigslist under "Housing Wanted" can sometimes be successful.  Always be wary of potential scams and remain cautious when providing personal information.  Renting can be a competitive business, so thinking creatively can help.   

Tip: Search notice boards at markets and community hubs in the neighborhood where you're looking to move.  Use your network of family and friends online and offline to spread the word that you are looking.

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