Landlord Access

When you enter into a rental agreement with a tenant, you are effectively transferring your possessory right to the rental unit, for the duration of the agreement.  This means you cannot just enter the unit whenever you please.  You have a right to access the unit for specific reasons, but you must provide proper notice and have the tenant's consent.  The only exception is when there is a verifiable emergency situation such as a fire or major leak.

  • You must provide 1 days (minimum of 24 hours) notice when you want to show the unit to a prospective renter, purchaser, contractor.
  • You must provide 2 days (minimum of 48 hours) notice when you want to perform necessary or agreed upon repairs or upgrades.

 Notices to Enter must include:

  • the date you want access
  • the earliest and latest time of arrival (should be a reasonable window)
  • a contact number for your tenant to call to confirm or reschedule.

Both you and your tenant must be reasonable about access. Your tenant has a right to reschedule if the date and time of access is inconvenient.  If your tenant consistently or arbitrarily denies access, you can issue a 10-day notice to comply or vacate.