Giving Notice to Terminate Your Rental Agreement

Your rental agreement will determine how you must notify your landlord that you want to move out. See here for types of rental agreements.

If you are a month-to-month tenant, you must give notice to your landlord in writing at least 20 days before the last day of the month that you want to move out. For example, if you wanted to move out by July 31, you must give notice no later than July 11.

If you have a rental agreement for a term, you will need to read the section that provides details on giving notice. It is quite common for a rental agreement for a term to require 30 days advance written notice if you intend to stay or move out before the term expires. Sometimes, the rental agreement may end without any notice required and you may be expected to vacate your unit. You should be clear at the time you sign your rental agreement what kind of term is offered and how it will end.

Remember the landlord must receive the notice by the minimum deadline, so allow additional time for mailing if necessary. Hand your notice to your landlord if possible and keep a copy for your records.