Ticket Response Options

I received a ticket - now what?

The Seattle Police Department issues tickets for parking, traffic, non-traffic, red light and school zone camera violations.

You have three options to resolve the ticket. You must respond on or before the due date on the ticket. 

  1. If you agree that you committed the violation, pay the monetary penalty on the ticket.

  2. If you agree that you committed the violation but would like to explain the circumstances, you may request a mitigation hearing. During the hearing, you will have an opportunity to share the circumstances in person or in writing with a Magistrate. Once the Magistrate issues a decision, the decision is final and you will not be able to appeal the decision.
  3. If you deny that you committed the violation, you may request a contested hearing. If you request a contested hearing, the court will schedule you for a pre-hearing settlement conference. The goal of the pre-hearing conference is to reach a resolution without the formality and expense of a hearing. You may skip the pre-hearing conference and proceed directly to trial by completing the waiver form sent to you with your pre-hearing conference notice. You may also contest your ticket in writing instead of appearing in person. However, if you contest in writing, you will not have the option to appeal the judge's ruling. A decision by written statement is final.

What if I don't respond to the ticket?

If you fail to respond by the due date for your ticket, the following may occur:

  • Additional monetary penalties will be added to the original fine.
  • You will lose your right to a hearing.
  • If you continue to leave the ticket unresolved, collection action may be taken.
  • If you have several outstanding tickets, a hold may be placed on your vehicle registration, preventing you from renewing the registration until the ticket(s) are resolved.
  • If you have four or more outstanding tickets, your vehicle may be booted, towed and impounded.
  • Not resolving certain types of tickets may result in a suspended license.

Additional Questions?