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MCIS 2.0

Seattle Municipal Court is replacing our legacy municipal court information system, MCIS, with a modern and adaptable case management solution that will increase accessibility and improve court business processes. We will implement technology that meets the business needs of the court and our broader criminal justice community.

In development for several years, MCIS 2.0 officially kicked off in 2016 when SMC began evaluating its options and developed a business case to secure funding. A new system could launch as early as 2020. Organizational change management has been integrated within the project to support court staff through the change. 

MCIS 2.0 is co-sponsored by Seattle Municipal Court and City of Seattle Information Technology.

Project Timeline

Project Status (December 2018)

The project is nearing the end of Phase 1, solution selection, with the completion of a competitive request for proposal process in November 2018. Thomson Reuters (TR) has been selected as our preferred vendor. TR's case management solution is called C-Track and was the best fit for SMC. TR is proposing to integrate C-Track with cFive (focused on probation services) and SMC's current jury management system or another product TR offers. The project team visited courts using TR's systems in December 2018. TR will be at the court in January 2019 for pre-contracting discovery to inform contract negotiations and plan for next steps. Contracting should be completed by May 2019. Phase 2, system implementation, will begin soon after.

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