Relicensing Assistance

If unpaid tickets are impacting your driver license, contact the court to learn more about your options. If feasible, visit the court in person and speak with a customer service representative at windows 10-12 in the first floor lobby.

For Seattle Municipal Court tickets, court staff will review your financial situation and establish a monthly time payment agreement or offer community service hours in lieu of payment for those who are not able to afford cash payments. The court will notify the Washington State Department of Licensing to update the status of the tickets so you may get your driver license restored.

Unified Payment (UP) Program

Beginning October 1, 2017, individuals with unpaid traffic fines in multiple jurisdictions within King County can consolidate their fines into a single payment agreement. This program also lifts the hold on a driver license with Washington State Department of Licensing.

How it works:

  1. Court customers with suspended licenses due to failure to respond/pay contact a court where they have fines to receive the necessary documentation needed in order to complete the online application.
  2. Using the documentation provided by the court, the customer will submit an online application.
  3. The payment agency works with individuals to determine a realistic payment plan, as low as $25.00 per month, which includes a $7.00 monthly fee.
  4. Once the payment agency receives the first installment, participating courts will be notified and they will notify the Washington State Department of Licensing that the hold can be removed from the person's driver license.

Applying for the program:

A program application can be obtained by contacting 1 (844) 544-5242, online at or contacting Seattle Municipal Court.