Day Reporting

Day Reporting is available both pretrial and post-conviction as a jail alternative. Day reporting, co-located with the Court Resource Center, provides a support system for positive change while reducing jail costs.

Pretrial Day Reporting: a jail alternative ordered by a judge for those who do not have the money to post bail, or who have had a poor history of compliance with the court. Individuals are required to report on a set schedule, possibly daily, Monday to Friday, until their court date or until their court ordered obligation is complete.

Each visit, their needs are assessed and participants are offered referral to social services and community supports including medical, food, clothing and housing assistance, chemical dependency treatment and employment support.

Post-Conviction Day Reporting: a jail alternative for those who have been convicted of a crime. The individual works closely with their Probation Counselor who helps to stabilize their situation in partnership with social services and community supports available in the Court Resource Center.

Contact Day Reporting

Phone: (206) 615-0705

Location: 2nd Floor, Seattle Municipal Court