Water conservation is important for us, our environment and future generations.

  • Water conservation helps protect an important, shared natural resource. It keeps more water in our rivers for salmon, wildlife, and other environmental needs.
  • Water conservation stretches our valuable water supply to meet the needs of our growing region, ensuring we’ll have enough water for future generations.
  • Using water efficiently can help customers keep water and sewer bills as low as possible.

To encourage efficient water use, the Saving Water Partnership (SWP)–SPU and 18 water utility partners–set a six-year conservation goal: reduce per capita use from current levels so that the SWP’s total average annual retail water use is less than 105 million gallons per day (mgd) from 2013 through 2018 despite forecasted population growth. In 2017, our customers met this goal, using 96.6 mgd. Visit the Saving Water Partnership for more information on rebates, conservation tips, videos on fixing leaks and natural yard care, and more.