Cedar Treatment Facility

  • The operations building achieved a LEED Gold rating.
  • It houses the main control room, analytical laboratory, offices, workroom and lockers.
  • Reflecting the Northwest-style of architecture, the building and site incorporate a number of sustainable design features, including recycled building materials and energy conservation.
  • Treatment process to turn raw water into finished, treated water.

The Cedar Water Treatment Facility started operation in 2004 and treats up to 180 million gallons of water per day from the Cedar River and Lake Youngs. It provides about two-thirds of the water for Seattle and its regional customers. The new facility relies on both time-tested and innovative techniques to supply high-quality drinking water. The time-tested techniques include watershed protection and chlorination, and the innovative techniques include ozonation and ultra-violet light disinfection.

Design-Build-Operate with LEED Gold Rating

The Cedar Water Treatment Facility was created through a public-private partnership using a contracting approach known as design-build-operate (DBO). Qualified companies each submitted one bid covering the design, construction, and operation of the facility for a minimum of 15 years and extending up to 25 years. The City owns the facility and City engineers oversee the operation. The DBO approach was used to better align the design engineers, the contractor/builders, and the operations experts, saving the City tens of millions of dollars in capital investment. In addition, the operations building at the treatment facility achieved a LEED gold rating. The design was low-impact and sustainable, with approximately 85 percent of the waste generated during construction recycled.