Water Stains

Pink, pinkish-orange or black rings

These may form around sink fixtures, drains, dog bowls and other standing containers of water and at the waterline of toilets. They are usually easily removed with cleaning and consist of a mixed culture of yeast, mold, and/or bacteria which grow well in moist conditions. To reduce the occurrence, you may just need to clean more often, especially in the summer when humidity and warmer temperatures increase microbial growth rates.

Reddish or orange staining

Orange stains on fixtures that are harder to remove are usually due to galvanized iron plumbing. Fixing the leaking faucet or more frequent cleaning should help the problem.

Worn surfaces on old tubs and sinks require a lot of elbow grease to clean. There are rust removal compounds on the market, but care is needed to prevent damage to the finish of porcelain fixtures.