Effective July 15, 2011 Seattle Public Utilities will no longer open new water/sewer/garbage accounts in tenant names. Water/sewer/garbage accounts will be maintained in the owner’s name only. Current water/sewer/garbage accounts in tenant names will remain active until closing is requested.

Tenants may continue to establish electric accounts in their names with Seattle City Light.

Who Pays the Seattle Public Utilities bill?

Anyone may pay any Seattle Public Utilities bill, regardless the name appearing on the account. Payments are accepted from the owner, property management company, tenant, or another third party.

Landlord Responsibilities

  • Inform SPU of any account information and maintenance changes including phone numbers, mailing address, and solid waste service levels.
  • Ensure accounts are financially current through prompt payments by self or other payment agreement with tenant(s).
  • Work with SPU to resolve leak or other service issues.

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Coordinate as needed with landlord for timely payment of water/sewer/garbage bill.
  • Inform the landlord or property management company of any leaks, running toilets, or other service issues if they occur.

SPU Responsibilities

  • Maintain and read water meter for timely and accurate billing.
  • Provide water/sewer/garbage service as indicated by account service levels
  • Respond to landlord requests for account information, problem solving, and other services in a timely manner.