Special Item Pickup Request

  • Use this form to request collections of Special Items, such as large furniture and appliances, electronics and small appliances, CFLs, Styrofoam blocks, and household batteries. Your request will be reviewed, and then you will receive confirmation that your collection has been scheduled.
  • Do not use this form to request the collection of used cooking or motor oil, or if your regular collection has been missed.
  • Limitations: Appliances and furniture cannot exceed 300 pounds or 8 feet in length or 4 feet in diameter. Electronics waste cannot exceed 60 lbs and must be able to fit in a box that is no larger than 2’ x 2’ x 2’.
  • Household Batteries and CFLs can be placed out on the same collection day (in separate bags) for a single charge of $5.00.
  • Set out special items for collection where you would normally have your solid waste service collected. Special items will be collected on the next regular garbage collection day, after the pickup has been scheduled.

If you’re a tenant in a multifamily building, please contact your landlord or property manager for special pick-up requests.

Please confirm that all the information below is accurate. You may print this page for your records. You will also receive an email with this information. Click the submit button to submit your special item request form.

You will receive an email with further instructions after submiting this form.

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