Additional Dumpster Rates

Rate per pickup
April 1, 2019
April 1, 2020
Roll Out (Container < 3 CY, more than 25 ft) $8.80 $9.05
Reposition Container ( 3 CY and larger) $8.80 $9.05
Entering Secured Buildings $5.90 $6.10
Compactor Disconnect/Reconnect Cycle $50.40 $51.90

Overview & Facts

  • Ancillary charges are for services performed above and beyond basic garbage or recycle dumpster collection. These direct and/or associated services include:
    • Disconnect/Reconnect Compactor Dumpsters
    • Secured Access
    • Rollout of dumpsters more than 25 feet to the collection point
    • Reposition dumpsters (3 yd or larger) for collection.
  • Prior to March 30, 2009, ancillary charges were applied only to commercial accounts. Beginning March 30, 2009, Council Bill 116353 passed Ordinance 122844 amending the Seattle Municipal Code to allow ancillary charges to be applied to residential, multi-family accounts.
  • Rates are based on direct and associated costs per collection occurrence.
  • Customers may perform these actions themselves to reduce or eliminate the fees.
  • A Container Location Agreement (CLA) is needed if dumpsters are collected on the property.
  • Disconnect/Reconnect Compactor Dumpsters – A disconnect/reconnect fee will be charged for each compactor dumpster collection where a driver has to perform the disconnection and reconnection.
  • Secured Access – A secured access fee will be charged for each collection where the driver has to use a key, FOB, or keypad to open a door or gate to access the garbage or recycle dumpster.
  • Rollout – A rollout fee is charged when a garbage or recycle dumpster (sizes 3/4 yd to 2 yd) has to be rolled >25 feet to the collection point at the curb or alley edge OR the agreed upon location on the property documented in the Container Location Agreement. Measurement is from the middle of the dumpster at the starting point, to the middle of the dumpster at the collection location. This fee is charged for each container, at each location, for each collection.
  • Repositioning – A repositioning fee will be charged for garbage and recycle dumpsters that are 3yd or larger in size that the driver has to reposition in order to empty it.
  • If customers want to modify the container placement, an SPU Solid Waste Inspector will arrange a meeting to assess the property and update the Container Location Agreement, if necessary.
  • Questions? Call 206-684-7665 or email