Choosing a Dumpster Size

Solid waste service for apartments and condos is one time per week. Some exceptions may be made based on site constrains.

Estimating non-compacted garbage and recycling

Apartments and condos need 1.5 cubic yards per week for every 10 units for each recycle and garbage. A 100-unit property would have 15 cubic yards/week for recycling and 15 cubic yards/week for garbage. Learn about  food waste collection for building owners and managers.

See information on dumpster dimensions.

Estimating compacted garbage

If you have a compaction system, divide the number of cubic yards by 3 to get the number of compacted cubic yards most compactors will achieve. A building that needs 3 cubic yards of uncompacted garbage would require 1 cubic yard of compacted garbage.

New building projects

For help in planning space and estimating sizes and location of garbage or apartment recycling containers inside new building projects, contact Angela Wallis at or (206) 684-4166.

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